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HD Online Player (Chal Mere Bhai Full Movie Download 1) [March-2022]




Prem's marriage to this girl, Jasmine, is in trouble. Vicky is unaware that he is Jasmine's cousin. Balraj is an orphan, who spent his childhood in the woods, so he doesn't believe in family or true love. The rich parents of Jasmine introduce Vicky and Prem to each other as friends. Balraj offers Vicky a job, by which Vicky will come to know that Prem is Vicky's cousin and that he is Jasmine's cousin. Prem loves Jasmine, but Jasmine loves Vicky, so he joins Vicky in wooing Jasmine. Vicky wins over Jasmine's father by winning a horse race, and he gives Prem, her father's millions of dollars and Prem's brother, a job, but Vicky betrays Prem to Jasmine's father, who gives Prem's brother a job in the Oberoi's company. There is a wedding between Jasmine and Prem, but Vicky sets the stage for Prem and Jasmine to get married in a palace, and Vicky then takes away Prem. Jasmine's father sets the stage for Prem's and Jasmine's wedding to take place in a palace. Prem is annoyed because he lost his wife, while Vicky enjoys this play, and Vicky and Jasmine get married. A fight breaks out between Vicky and Balraj, and it is revealed that Vicky is an imposter. Vicky takes Jasmine to live with his wealthy family. In the end, the Oberois family win and it is revealed that Vicky was an imposter and has been living in the Oberoi mansion and paying for all the luxuries. Cast Main Arbaaz Khan as Prem "Bhaiji" Oberoi, Prem's father is Balraj's friend Raveena Tandon as Jasmine Oberoi, Prem's mother is Balraj's friend Piyush Mishra as Vicky Oberoi, Prem's elder brother is Balraj's friend Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Balraj Oberoi, Balraj's father is the Oberoi family's business tycoon Vijay Raaz as Raj Oberoi, Balraj's elder brother Deepak Shirke as Vicky's friend Nikita Mathur as Jasmine's friend Supporting Puneet Issar as Khiladi Smita Jaykar as Jasmine's friend Kim Sharma as Jas




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HD Online Player (Chal Mere Bhai Full Movie Download 1) [March-2022]

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